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Question What is Collaboration Hub? And, what does Customer Collaboration Hub comprise?

The collaboration system of -manufacturing consists of several collaboration hubs categorized according to their industrial scope and functions. Till now, we have constructed collaboration hubs for injection mold, blow mold and press mold industries and engineering service, along with a hub for customer collaboration. The customer collaboration hub is designed to enable customers of the companies using the collaboration hubs to follow up order processing status, receive corresponding reports, and participate in on-line conferences through the system.


Question How can I sign up for -manufacturing service?

Sign-up is available now off-line. Call our customer center for information about using our collaboration hub. Then, we will provide advice and help you join the hub you select. When you need to enroll your customers on our customer collaboration hub, please ask the customer center to conduct the registration process and give the customers permission to access the hub.


Question I forgot my password. How do I get it?

When you forget your password, please call the customer center. Our password protection policy does not allow you to get your password back. Instead, you will be given a temporary password. After logging in the system using the temporary password, please reset your password.


Question How do I update my personal information?

To change your personal information, click on MODIFY Button at the right of the log-in information. Then, you can update your telephone number, cell phone number, email address, password, etc.


Question Where can I download the software for executing conference functions?

To refer to drawings or execute conference, you should install the software provided by the system. Visit ARCHIVES of the system to download the software. Net framework V2.0 is compulsory software for running Cochain Visualization. Be sure to install Net framework V2.0 prior to installing Cochain Package.


Question Where are the user-uploaded data saved?

Every server for administrating the collaboration hub system is located and maintained in KIDC (Korea Internet Data Center). All data registered by users will be saved in KDIC servers in the form of databases.


Question would like to know what the security policy of -manufacturing is.

We have the 7-stage security system as described below.
- Log-in process for identifying and certifying users.
- Network firewalls for preventing illegal access.
- 24-hour monitoring and detection of invasion from outside
- Anti-Virus to ensure security from virus
- Coding of data transmission between users and collaboration hub
- Separated data storage areas
- Control of user rights regarding data access, and follow-up on access records

Question Can I create additional user IDs on behalf of my company?

Yes, you can. A responsible person of your company may ask our customer center to create additional user IDs. We will notify you after successfully creating the IDs.

Question Is the capacity of file or e-mail storage limited?

Yes, it is. Every user (company) will have different capacity of file or e-mail storages depending on its contract conditions.

Question How can I contact you, in case of any problem in using the system?

Please email the customer center or leave your question in Q & A Section. We will take actions to solve your problem, as soon as possible. In your e-mail or inquiry, leave your email address or phone numbers by which we can contact you at work.